Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do you provide free consultations?

No initial complimentary consultation is offered as all of the information is gathered prior to the first meeting.  I will communicate with you on your project needs, timeline, vision, etc., via phone and/or email.  The first meeting is a working Design Planning Session during which I will begin the process for your project. Every project is different; therefore it requires different deliverables.  Please check out the SERVICES page for more detailed information.

  • How are you different from a full service design firm?

As my client, you are provided with everything you need to complete your project.  The difference is, YOU have the option in services that range from just consulting to full service. By cutting out selected services (i.e purchasing, project management, and detailed drawings), clients receive high design at a low cost.  The client has control over execution of the project.  This can range anywhere from contacting vendors/contractors to managing purchases.  These are the types of services that are most time consuming and costly for clients when working with a full service firm. Some clients prefer this sort of design assistance while some just want consulting or a furnishing/paint/accessory, etc. plan made for them. The goal is to offer flexibility and design services for all!

  • Do you have a specific style that you work with?

I enjoy and am proficient in many styles. Take a look at my PORTFOLIO to see the varying styles worked with.

  • Who do you typically work with?

I am drawn to nice, open-minded people of all backgrounds and design aesthetics! Most of my projects are residential, with a sprinkling of commercial here and there. 

  • What does the typical Design Plan process with STYLE WISE entail? 

  1. Phone/email communication with STYLE WISE to provide information regarding your project. 

  2. On-site working Design Planning Session.

  3. Designer creates your custom Design Plan.

  4. The client executes the Design Plan (purchase items, contact vendors/contractors, etc) at their own pace.  Designer will be on hand to answer any questions during this stage.

  5. Enjoy your new space!