STYLE WISE Interior Design provides comprehensive interior design services tailored to your space and needs; ranging from full remodels/new-builds to color consultations and everything in between! Services include but are not limited to: space-planning, material & finish selection, color consultations, furniture and accessory selection. Whether you need to re-furnish your family room or you are starting the process of building your dream home..STYLE WISE is here for you.

Who STYLE WISE Serves:
My clients are people who desire a well-designed home. Some of my clients may know what they want but don't have time to execute the design, while others hire STYLE WISE to create a vision and help to fully bring it to life. The one thing all my clients have in common is they want a simple, stylish, and affordable way to create their dream home.

Cost of Services:
The hourly rate is $250.  Based on the size and scope of the project, services start at 1 hour minimum followed with billing in 15-minute increments. 

-The Design Planning Session Process:

This service category can include deliverables such as paint selection, general coaching/guidance, furniture & accessory sourcing, purchasing, styling, and more.
After you contact STYLE WISE, Victoria will discuss your project and schedule our first on-site working meeting which is referred to as the Design Planning Session. Then, based on your style, timeline, and budget a comprehensive and clear design plan is created for you. Every design plan includes a shopping list, detailed notes, and specific recommendations for each room. Direct links to each item are provided whenever possible. You can also receive floor plans, mood boards, and color palettes to help you visualize the final design. Below are some common examples:

Example Plan 1: $250+ -- "I JUST NEED SOME ADVICE"   Victoria will come to your home helping you with your design dilemmas and questions within your desired time frame.  

Example Plan 2: $500+ -- "I DON"T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH MY DINING ROOM"   1 room that needs furniture and accessories will require about 1 hour of an in-home Design Planning Session and an additional 1 or more hours to create the Design Plan.  

Example Plan 3: $1500+ -- "I WANT TO REVAMP MY LIVING ROOM AND ALL OUR BEDROOMS"    Several rooms that need furnishings and accessories will require at least 3 hours of an in-home Design Planning Session and an additional 3 or more hours to create the Design Plan. 

Example Plan 4: $2000+ -- "I JUST MOVED IN AND I NEED DESIGN PLANS FOR ALL THE ROOMS IN THE HOUSE"    An entire home that needs furnishing and accessories requires at least 3-4 hours of an in-home Design Planning  Session and an additional 4 or more hours to create the Design Plan.

- Remodel/Renovations:

This service category typically means you have a remodel, addition..even a new build that you need expert guidance with. I can assist you with transforming your 90's kitchen into a modern, gourmet space. Or, your tiny bathroom into a large en-suite. Some clients just want general ideas about materials/colors/space planning, while some want me to work hand in hand with them and select the materials/finishes and come up with a functional layout. Others inquire about new home builds where I can work with my clients from beginning all the way to end to establish all of the details. This starts at the moment of "breaking ground" (i.e: creating the floorplan with your Architect or literally breaking ground!) and continues through to furniture & accessory selection at the tail end of the proejct. I like to say that I can assist you "based on how much help YOU feel you need"

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 Other Options:
The above are general examples and every project and clients needs are different. STYLE WISE is happy to able to offer great design for everyone, so services are fully customizable! I’d love to help you with whatever your design needs are.   


STYLE WISE gift certificates start at a minimum of 1 hour and can be increased by 30-minute increments for services. Please contact to purchase!